About the Casey Brothers
Franc and Brian Casey have been restoring, rebuilding and preserving wooden boats since the early 1970’s. In 1975 we established Wood Boats, Inc. in Stamford, Connecticut on Long Island Sound. Our client base there was for the most part comprised of professional and amateur sailors, sport fishermen, commercial charter boats and avid boaters in general. We were also contracted by the local marinas to provide custom woodworking for their customers. Eventually, over time we grew to a crew of 15 employees..

We did not limit ourselves to just working on wooden boats as many of our customers also owned classic designs of fiberglass, steel or aluminum. We would do custom wood interiors, designs and exterior woodworking to give their new boats that traditional look and feel.

The majority of the vessels that we cared for were ocean going and ranged up to 100 feet in length. Structural integrity and safety were primary.

In 1999 after 25 successful and productive years, we headed west from the the shores of Long Island Sound to the shores of North Lake Tahoe CA. where we have focused our craft towards the wooden classic lakers, launches and runabouts. In 2006 we founded our business and we are lucky to have made our mark on many of the award winning boats of the lake. Thunderbird, Mercury, Cherokee, Lucifer, shanghai, as well as others. Since arriving here we have worked on many of the lake boats, including “Thunderbird” and various other well-known boats. While working with Western Runabouts and the State of California, we were able get both “Mercury” and “Cherokee” back up and running on the lake. Because structural integrity and safety have always been foremost with us we also developed new successful techniques for replacing bottoms on Rivas, ChrisCrafts, Garwoods, Hackers, etc.

Whether the time you are given for boating is seasonal or year round, we feel that planning and estimating is critical when the time comes for the maintenance, general upkeep or special projects and repairs that may be needed. Keeping your boat in prime, ship-shape condition is essential to making the whole experience of owning a classic boat worthwhile.

With close to 80 years of combined experience, we are here to help you realize the full potential of your boat.